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Updated August 14, 2014.

Watch: Larry Keeley Reveals Innovation Secrets on Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock”

What is the secret to innovation effectiveness?  Larry Keeley recently revealed the answer to this question and many others on Bloomberg TV’s “Taking Stock.”

"Most innovations are increasingly about the elegant integration of many things, not the invention of one thing." - Larry Keeley

During the interview, Larry dispels common myths of innovation, underscores the importance of discipline, and outlines how businesses can avoid innovation’s many pitfalls.

Watch the full interview >

A Designer’s Guide to Crafting Prize Competitions

A new report by Doblin helps designers tailor prizes to specific outcomes and increase the effectiveness of challenges.


Prizes are powerful tools for innovation because they incentivize a diversity of individuals or organizations to cooperate and compete against each other to solve hard problems. If effectively designed, prizes can generate bold, transformative results. Now, designers have a practical guide in the form of a report co-authored by Doblin’s Jesse Goldhammer and six leading U.S. foundations. DU Press published the report last week.

In “The Craft of Incentive Prize Design,” Jesse et al synthesize findings from more than two-dozen interviews, analysis of 400+ prizes, and a comprehensive literature review, to characterize the six most important outcomes designers try to achieve with incentive prizes. They also highlight the fundamental ingredients of all prizes necessary to achieve those outcomes.

The heart of the report features practical decision-oriented frameworks for designers—helping them understand how they can tailor prize design elements to facilitate different outcomes and increase effectiveness of their challenges.

Read the full Report at Deloitte University Press

Where should banks look to drive growth?

According to a report from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, a differentiated customer experience made the short list of ways banks can drive growth and competitive advantage.

"To excel, banks have to spend more time understanding the unmet needs and motivations of customers.  This requires the use of more nontraditional approaches to generating insights including ethnographic research, mining social media, and advanced data analytics." - Jeff Wordham

In an article on the report, Doblin principal, Jeff Wordham, and others from Deloitte explore key areas of focus for banks seeking competitive advantage, underscoring the central role of consumer insights and data analytics in these strategies.

Read more at the CFO Journal from The Wall Street Journal

Learn How Integrating Innovation and M&A for More Powerful Outcomes

Join Doblin’s leader, Geoff Tuff, and Mike Armstrong, director at Monitor Deloitte, for a webinar on how fostering collaboration between your innovation and M&A functions can help you win in the marketplace.  

Optimizing Innovation and M&A through Integration
A discussion of research, insights and examples of companies who have experienced the beneficial ratcheting effect of coordinating innovation and M&A.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014
12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET 
Register for the webinar today!

In many companies, strategies for innovation, M&A, and strategic investing are not integrated. Typically, M&A is an afterthought to innovation and happens when leaders discover they don’t have the capabilities they need to execute the new businesses they’ve developed. Or smaller, more transformational M&A opportunities may be independently uncovered through forward-looking prospecting relationships and networks.

In this one-hour webinar aimed at C-suite executives responsible for growth through innovation, corporate venturing and M&A, Geoff and Mike will share proprietary research, insights and examples of companies who have experienced the beneficial ratcheting effect of coordinating innovation and M&A. They will review principles and actionable tools and strategies for approaching innovation in a disciplined way as well as the organizational and talent considerations to integrate innovation and M&A activities.

View the full invitation for more information.

Sponsored by: 
Corporate Venture and Innovation Initiative & DLA Piper 

Chicago Tribune Interview with Larry Keeley on Doblin’s Systematic Approach to Innovation

Larry Keeley recently toured our new Chicago office with Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation reporter, James Janega.  They discussed the Ten Types of Innovation and three steps a company should take to innovate with more discipline and rigor.

"Doblin co-founder and author Larry Keeley and his team do innovation that looks or feels like art through a process that looks like science…" 

Read the full article at the Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation

Why should CFOs care about innovation?

Failed innovation attempts can leave CFOs skeptical.  In a recent article, Doblin’s leader, Geoff Tuff, and Bansi Nagji, leader of Monitor Deloitte, discuss why CFOs should play a larger role in setting and managing an organization’s innovation agenda and the value they can bring.

"CFOs are the people who can bring discipline and analytical thinking to the innovation process, which are needed for success.” - Geoff Tuff, leader of Doblin

Read the full article.

Like the book? Get the app!

Ten Types of Innovation® App Launching Soon!


We’re taking the Ten Types of Innovation mobile. Bundling a generative toolset and newsfeed of topical innovations, the new Ten Types of Innovation app provides an interactive experience to help you develop a deeper understanding of the framework and how to use it more effectively—right from your tablet.

Register today to get notified when the app launches!

Heading to Austin? We are.

Doblin will be at SXSW showcasing, with Deloitte, how companies, start-ups, and individuals are designing tomorrow
As designers, thought leaders, and technologists from around the world prepare to converge in Austin, Texas for the 21st annual SXSW Interactive Festival, we are preparing the final touches on the Deloitte experience that will greet them when they arrive.
Employing the same protocols and methodologies we use to help our clients build bold breakthroughs, we collaborated with our colleagues at Deloitte to build a series of experiences that stimulate, inspire, and engage the tens of thousands of participants making the trek to Texas. 
As a major sponsor, Deloitte will have a significant presence at the five-day festival that celebrates the latest trends in cutting-edge technologies and digital creativity.  Deloitte’s interactive lounge will serve as the hub of our experience, inviting visitors to explore how we are working toward “designing tomorrow.”  From immersive data visualizations by the HIVE to Deloitte’s wearable technologies to a demo of the Doblin Ten Types of Innovation® app (due to launch this spring), visitors can experience how Deloitte is challenging the status quo and working to make life—at work and home—a little bit easier, a little more fun and a little more connected.  
If you plan on heading down to Austin, we hope you will join us.  Check out the Deloitte@SXSW site for a list of activities and experiences—including details about the kick-off cocktail party at the Hangar Lounge!

Kicking off the New Year in a New Home

The Doblin team in Chicago closed out 2013 with a move around the corner to a state-of-the-art space co-located with Deloitte’s Chicago office. We are excited to be in our new space, which was designed to support the work of our team and clients.

imageOutfitted with advanced technologies to create an immersive environment, the client engagement spaces are designed to facilitate co-creation with clients and help accelerate progress toward solving their biggest innovation challenges. Our client teams collaborate in spacious project rooms that look out to an open floor plan with individual workspaces, a library, and small gathering areas for more informal meetings and interactions.

In addition to the dedicated Doblin space, we will share the floor with the largest and newest of the Deloitte Greenhouses—a collaboration between Deloitte Analytics Highly Immersive Visual Environment (HIVE), the Deloitte Client Experience (DCE) Labs and Deloitte Consulting Innovation (DCI).  In whole, the new facility will provide a remarkable collection of state-of-the art immersive technologies and innovation thought leadership in a single location in Chicago.

As we settle into our office and await completion of the Greenhouse, we look forward to all that the New Year and our dynamic new space have to offer. We are excited to open our doors and welcome our clients and colleagues from around the world.

Our new address: 111 S. Wacker Dr. 28th Floor // Chicago Illinois, 60606